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Curious about our tours? Let’s give you a peek. Discover a real-world example of tailor-made Parisian experiences by downloading our case study. From personal surprises to immersive activities, this sneak peek will give you an intimate look at the level of detail and creativity we pour into every tour.

Private Tour for Roger and Family

The Request

Roger’s family were in Paris for the first time, except Roger who had been before. Roger’s main wish was for his family to fall in love with the city so much they’d want to come back and maximise their available time, which was limited. They were to arrive at the train station from London at 11:20 AM and had a dinner reservation at 6:45 PM.

The Plan
Our team quickly went to work and came up with a plan that would meet their needs. We proposed a cultural immersion lasting approximately 5-6 hours. This personalised tours combines visits to notable landmarks, hidden gems, picnic with wine and cheese, a bakery, a short café stop, and even a round of pétanque for the competitive boys.

The Outcome

After the tour itinerary was approved and the reservation made, we dug further into discerning the unique tastes and inclinations of Roger’s family. We initiated comprehensive conversations to meticulously adjust every aspect of the tour, making certain that it was a highly individualized experience.

3-Day Business Group Itinerary

The Request

The delegation sought an itinerary that combined Paris’s key attractions with exclusive experiences and networking opportunities. The challenge was to curate an agenda that not only met their budget constraints but also delivered a memorable and enriching Parisian experience coupled with valuable industry insights and connections.

The Plan
We crafted a three-day program encompassing three distinct Parisian themes: Classic, Fashionista, and Fancy Parisian. Each day was meticulously planned to showcase a different facet of the city, including meetings with local industry professionals, private tours, and exclusive access to some of the city’s most renowned landmarks and establishments.

The Outcome

Once the itinerary was accepted and the tour booked, we engaged in a series of detailed discussions to fine-tune each element of the tour. The result was a successful business trip that seamlessly combined work with the pleasure of exploring Paris, creating memories that the delegates will cherish for a lifetime.

Unforgettable Moments For You in Paris

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